Developing people across cultures

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Our mission

The mission of MINDFUL CULTURES is to support the personal growth of those who want to stop struggling with difficulties in communication with themselves and with other people, and all those who need a change for the better in their personal and working lives. We help people to change effortlessly, without extra stress or nervousness, in a balanced and sustainable way.

Our aim is to inspire and strengthen personal growth and mindfulness-based communication skills for over 1 000 000 people across cultures by the year 2020. 

Personal Coaching

If you feel that you are ready to face and tackle your personal challenges NOW with my support as a coach, get in touch and book your FREE consultation via Skype.

Better Communication

This programme is a chance to balance your body and mind, get in touch with what you really want/need NOW, help reveal your authentic communication potential and develop new supportive attitudes while moving at your own pace.

For Busineess

Do you want to stop struggling with stress, de-motivation and a lack of effective cooperation on the part of your employees? Do you want to improve communication within your team? Give yourself and your employees support on the inside to create effects that can be seen on the outside.

Intercultural Communication

Effective cross-cultural communication based on mindfulness, workshops and courses designed to deepen intercultural communication skills and effective communication within corporate teams as well as individual and family coaching before, during and after a relocation to another country.

About me


Kasia (Katarzyna) Weiss, MA (Japanese Studies), FHEA, life, business and intercultural communication coach and trainer, certified Zen Coach, certified Mindfulness Practitioner, in the process of gaining the MBLC teaching qualification, certified by the British Mindfulness Association. Fellow of Higher Education Academy, lecturer, sworn translator and certified teacher of English, founder of a language school & translation consultancy www.lingwest.com in Poland (since1995), author of Gra w kapsle czyli autolustracja dziecka PRL-u (The Bottle Tops Game), an ironic and humorous portrait of the generation of kids who grew up in the Behind-the Iron Curtain Poland of the seventies. Member of the Polish Mindfulness Association. Since 2011 she has run workshops in England and since 2014 she’s been offering them also in Poland, along with personal coaching.


Kasia’s LinkedIn profile

  • Equal Share Communication – how to transform your life and contribute to a better world?

    The  new infographic on Equal Share Communication is  ready! I hope you will find it useful in your daily interactions with other people from your own and other cultures. I am curious how it will work for you in your daily interactions. The full descriptive version of the 7 tips can be found here. Equal Share Communication is suitable for use both on the interpersonal and intercultural level. It is a...

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  • Don’t tell me to stop the car…

    don't tell me to stop the car don't slam the door in my face and leave with your emotions dragging you behind them as if you were a puppet and they - wild horses, or as if you were dead and at mercy of everything and everyone, unable to react to what they're doing with your dead body hey, you are here now, and alive! let's sit with your emotions and all those dragging thoughts let's watch them settle let's breathe together...

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  • What’s the most user-friendly approach to mindfulness?

    How expectations collide with what arises and how important it is to have a well-qualified and experienced teacher? Mindfulness is the relaxation technique of choice, popular with employers and even the NHS. But some have found it can have unexpected effects. A while ago, the Guardian, a UK newspaper, published an article  (Is mindfulness making us ill?) with a surprising verdict: mindfulness is not helpful to everyone and for some, can...

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    DBB_21_Grass Kasia's UK workshops in 2016 are planned for the end of June and the beginning of July in Preston, Lancashire, and Chester.  June 28th - Chester - 'How to be a mindful parent' together with Dr Charlotte Mulcare - venue and time tbc. July 3rd -  all day workshop at Continental Preston


    Self-confidence, Authenticity and Better Communication with Yourself...

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  • 7 Tips on How to Measure Your Own Success Mindfully – Part 1

    One of my clients, who I have been working with for quite a while now, wrote: 'The other thing I wanted to talk about was your fantastic newsletter - I really did like the topic. It was interesting particularly for me because I have been thinking a lot recently about how many of my dreams in my life so far really are dreams borrowed from or strongly influenced by family; many...

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  • How to mindfully measure your own success? Part 2

    Have you noticed that tips 6 and 7 were missing from Part 1? There is a good reason for that. So far I have shared 5 essential tips on how you can measure your personal success against what others expect you to be, to have or to achieve (according to their own views on what success is, of course). However, tips 6 and 7 may require your special attention and this is why...

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  • How to manage your time ‘properly’?

    ‘How to manage my time properly is what I want to explore in my coaching session today’ – said one of my  clients. Self-reflecting on the flow of time she realised that it was far from nice to catch herself thinking about unfinished work and a deadline approaching while spending what meant to be a relaxing weekend with her family. The symptoms included worrying, lack of focus, inability to be present and...

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  • 4 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Live (Mind)FULLY

    Are you present in your own life (and work place) to the extent that you are satisfied with? If the answer is YES, my warmest congratulations and keep up the good work! If NO is the answer that shows up straight away, keep on reading so you can identify what stops you most from being present and from living your life consciously and mindfully as it is unfolding. The truth is that...

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  • What’s coaching really about?

    The other day my son curiously peeked into the room where I was coaching a client via Skype, quietly closed the door and left. He has asked me about coaching before and I have always answered his rather general questions. I will need to talk to him again about staying away from my office when I work, I thought. After my last coaching session I went upstairs only to be immediately...

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  • Want to be authentic? Get mindful!

    Have you noticed the global quest for AUTHENTICITY happening in so many places and in so many people just as you are reading this? Perhaps you have been sensing it in yourself, too, and thinking of taking steps to create something more meaningful, more exciting and more authentic in your life? A lot of people choose to slow down these days, leaving jobs they were not happy with, moving houses,...

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  • Responsible for My Own Happiness
    Thanks to my coaching sessions with Kasia I learned how much I was not only constantly judging myself but also neglecting my own needs, making others responsible for my unhappiness. I'd claim I had known the theory of being responsible for my own happiness but actually feeling it and living by it is a whole different matter. Thanks to Kasia, Continue Reading
  • Strength, Self-Confidence and Better Communication
    The 90-day Better Communication and Deep Dive Personal Transformation Coaching and Training Program took me steadily through a series of worksheets which tackled various points I have chosen, and were well balanced between work issues and life issues (which were probably all the same issues anyway!) and brought me a point of self-awareness.  The coaching sessions brought me to an awareness Continue Reading
  • Fabulous facilitator
    Kasia is a fabulous facilitator who empowers all the group to speak honestly and openly and as a consequence we all seem to bond and offer positive support and reinforcement   - Anna, UCLan
  • Own self-exploration
    I very much enjoyed the space and seeing others benefit from their own self-exploration. But I think the workshop could be longer.   - Steve

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