Transform Your Life through Powerful Mindfulness-based Communication!

Transform Your Life through Powerful Mindfulness-based Communication

90-day Coaching and Training Programme

Are you struggling with authentic and honest communication with others and with yourself? Do you sometimes have a feeling that you don't use your full potential? Are you sick of not getting the results you want in your life and work?

Or perhaps you're blaming yourself, others or external circumstances for what IS in your life now? Are you feeling stuck in your business/career/relationships because 'something' is blocking you? Do you find it difficult to stop people pleasing at your own cost?

If any of the above questions rings a bell and if I told you that the answers are already in you, would you believe me? How would it feel to stop struggling and actually be in charge of your life, communication, thoughts and emotions? 

Because deep in your heart you know all the answers. It’s just really difficult to access them on your own in our hectic daily lives with all the personal and professional obligations we need to fulfil ASAP...

So, the really powerful question should ask yourself is not 'WHY does this always happen to me?'

It's 'HOW can I get the results that I want?'

The first question is a never-ending story leading to frustration and stress - it makes you position yourself as a victim of external circumstances and other people’s actions.

The second question enables you to NOTICE opportunities leading to where you want to be, with JOY, FUN, SATISFACTORY COMMUNICATION WITH YOURSELF AND OTHERS, and A SENSE of FULFILMENT all along the way! :-)

And the place to begin is NOW.

This programme, which is fully based on mindfulness, compassion and my practical method of Equal Share Communication, is a chance to balance your body and mind, get in touch with what you really want/need NOW, help reveal your authentic communication potential and develop new supportive attitudes while moving at your own pace.

Covered in 13 weeks (90 days), the programme combines a typical coaching process of 12 weeks with an additional week for finalising the exploration – the final session is for celebrating all gradual and instant changes in your attitude, perception, understanding and other achievements. You get to choose 3-6 personal topics that we can focus on during your process.

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So how does it work?

The sessions are run over Skype or other online communication tool. Telephone is an option, too, if you have access to a landline or mobile provider who offers discounted calls within Europe.

After your first session, you'll work on personalised worksheets delivered via email every second week, with further sessions EVERY OTHER week again, via Skype. You don’t need to leave the comfy space of your home!

Unlike many other online programmes, here you get to speak to your coach every other week in a personal coaching session.

Thanks to being also an intercultural communication coach I can support you in noticing the areas of your life where your culture of origin does not work for you too well through the old, but strongly rooted, limiting beliefs and assumptions you may have adopted in the course of your life.

The most useful tools I work with include: the Equal Share Communication method I developed to help my clients notice their own share in every interaction with another mature adult; a friendly and empowering method of Zen Coaching; mindfulness and compassion practice; elements of Transactional Analysis; elements of Non-Violent Communication; Co-active coaching; intercultural coaching and techniques that focus on work with the body inspired both by mindfulness and Focusing.

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