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Workshops on effective communication, motivation, INTEGRATION AND RELAXATION
Do you want to stop struggling with stress, de-motivation and a lack of effective cooperation on the part of your employees? Do you want to improve communication within your team?
Give yourself and your employees support on the inside to create effects that can be seen on the outside.

All my workshops are designed around my unique method, Equal Share Communication, which includes the practice of mindfulness for authentic communication. This technique points out that successful communication with others needs to be based on good honest communication with ourselves, acknowledging both the body and the mind. It highlights our joint responsibility for an outcome of an interaction with another mature adult, stressing the fact that either party has a right to their safe space of personal freedom. Mindfulness greatly supports this attitude, which is not only rather common-sense, but also becomes a life-changing factor from the moment you start applying it for the first time.

I also work with clients through Zen Coaching (a coaching approach and a life style in one, using mindfulness to focus on the body, elements of Non Violent Communication (Dr Marshall Rosenberg), Transactional Analysis (Dr Eric Berne) and cross-cultural inspirations based on my life and work in England, Japan, Poland and Austria.
Before we start, we have a meeting to assess your needs and design the best programme for your team or organisation. One group session usually lasts 2-3 hours with a break, depending on the topic, clients’ needs and the time allocated. Sessions can be offered on the regular basis, as a series, as a workshop day, a weekend or a retreat style. Group sizes can range between 6 to 20 participants.
Each workshop ends with relaxation.

Sample topics of workshops for groups:

  • From Mindful Being to Mindful Doing: how to find and keep the balance between Being and Acting?
  • The power of relaxation. How can we de-stress without effort?
  • Face to face with our fears: how mindfulness promotes trust.
  • Change – friend or foe? How to stay calm and be open to the new in our lives.
  • You and your body. Why we should and how we can establish and maintain a good relationship with our own bodies. (Part 1 and 2 – two workshops)
  • Effective communication – how to connect to yourself before you connect to others. The practice of mindfulness and Equal Share Communication. (Part 1 and 2 – two workshops)
  • The need for authenticity – how can you find the joy of being who you are?
  • What is success? Learning to live with a sense of fulfilment.
  • Peace begins with you. Simple meditation for busy people.

For each module workshop we recommend:
The practice of mindfulness in motion - a relaxing walk with mindfulness (approx. 1 hr. 15 minutes including the introduction and a 10-minute summary)

We also offer individual coaching (both in Polish and English) as a development process initiated in the group or from scratch/individually