Intercultural Communication

Does your company need to reduce miscommunication with colleagues, clients or partners from other countries? Do you want to make sure that your employees know and understand how to best represent your organisation abroad? Do you want employees in your intercultural team to stop blaming and criticising one another and begin to create synergies?

Are you planning to move to a new country? Do you need a good preparation for life and work in a new environment or to reduce the level of cultural shock so that your move goes as smoothly as possible? Does your organisation need to support employees who must relocate for work?

As an intercultural communication coach certified in the COF tool (Cultural Orientations Framework), I offer an introduction to effective cross-cultural communication based on mindfulness, workshops and courses designed to deepen intercultural communication skills and effective communication within corporate teams as well as individual and family coaching before, during and after a relocation to another country.

All my programmes are based, among others, on my life coaching workshops run so far in the UK and Poland, and my 1:1 coaching, teaching and lecturing experience with British, German, Polish, Scandinavian, American and other international clients.

Sample topics of workshops and courses:

  1. Why knowledge of a language is not enough - introduction to intercultural communication.
  2. Support or hindrance? Self-awareness and the role of identity in intercultural communication.
  3. Preparing to cooperate with partners from specific countries.
  4. Preparing for relocation to a particular country.
  5. Effective cooperation in cross-cultural teams. How can we achieve synergies?
  6. Action Learning: how to create a balanced and co-operative team?

All workshops and 1:1 sessions are available in English and Polish.