Our mission

Zen, lumire

"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

The mission of MINDFUL CULTURES is to support the personal growth of those who want to stop struggling with difficulties in communication with themselves and with other people, and all those who need a change for the better in their personal and working lives. We help you  manifest the change you want to see in your life, without extra stress or nervousness, in a balanced and sustainable way. Are you ready?

Our aim is to inspire and strengthen personal growth and mindfulness-based communication skills for over 1 000 000 people across cultures by the year 2020.


Every person who grows on personal level, becomes a better communicator. This better communication comes from better self-esteem, inner balance and peace, thanks to which we can radiate authenticity. This calmer state invites others to communicate with us in the same manner. Our communication becomes based on kindness, politeness and mutual respect, and without the habitual but unnecessary, criticism and judgement.

We want to support the WIN -WIN type of interpersonal interactions, at home, at work, at school and across cultures. It is our impression that the competition environment is a strongly outdated model that derives from a belief in lack and scarcity. That way of thinking in no longer meets the challenges of our current global and local realities – realities that are connected more than we are often inclined to admit. Instead of competition and comparisons we would like to promote the model of achieving synergy and the effective use of our diversity of colours, skills, talents and other personal resources.

All our programmes and workshops are based on:

  • mindfulness - the practice of bringing attention to what is and what happens in us and around us, and at the same time developing a harmonious attitude towards ourselves, the people around us and life as it is
  • Equal Share Communication created by Kasia Weiss, founder of Mindful Cultures, which is a method of communication based on mindfulness, respect and acknowledging one's own and  the other person's 'share' in every interaction as long as there is no risk to one's life or health involved
  • Zen Coaching - a contemporary coaching approach and a life style that draws on the philosophy of Zen and incorporates mindfulness, bodywork (Focusing) and the basic elements of Non-Violent Communication, among other techniques and inspirations,
  • Elements of Transactional Analysis - a theory and methodology created and developed by Dr. Eric Berne, which is a skilful combination of the basics of interpersonal communication (transactions) and the awareness of self, which we have found extremely useful in some coaching contexts.

Apart from our tailor-made 1:1 coaching programs, we offer practical solutions for businesses through training in developing intercultural skills, intercultural audit and workshops that develop skills indispensable for successful business communication.

We help organisations, companies and educational institutions integrate teams (including intercultural teams), destress employees, motivate them and introduce and implement new methods of communication.