Don’t tell me to stop the car…

don't tell me to stop the car

don't slam the door in my face and leave

with your emotions dragging you behind them as if

you were a puppet and they - wild horses, or

as if you were dead and at mercy of everything and everyone,

unable to react to what they're doing with your

dead body

hey, you are here now, and alive!

let's sit with your emotions and all those dragging thoughts

let's watch them settle

let's breathe together until the sky is blue again

and we are a happy mountain which just sits there,

undisturbed by the storms of impulses

and thoughts which, really, don't need to be followed,

if we CHOOSE not to follow, so

don't tell me to stop the car

let's breathe together until the sky

is blue again...


by Kasia Weiss

This poem 'showed up' in me one night, unexpectedly, in celebration of completing the Compassion Practitioner Certificate Course with Mindfulness Association Ltd and Mindfulness Association Poland in Warsaw, July 2016. If you like it, feel free to share it with your friends :)

A big THANK YOU to all the group and the teachers <3