Personal Coaching

If you feel that you are ready to face and tackle your personal challenges NOW with my support as a coach, get in touch and book your FREE consultation via Skype. Just 20 minutes will give you a nice kick :-) We will also get clarity on what you feel you need to focus on FIRST to give your life a nice and JUICY boost! We will also check if we are a good fit to work together.

Then you can work with me through

my unique 90-day course which combines both POWER QUESTION WORKSHEETS and individual Skype sessions with me, making it an ideal option for busy professionals. CLICK on the link to find out more, please: Better Communication and Deep Dive Personal Transformation 90-day Coaching and Training Programme

It is suitable for people who are committed to CHANGING NOW what doesn't work for them in their lives because they are fed up with poor results they are getting in one or more areas; people who feel there is MUCH MORE to life than their current reality. The programme can also be used if you are thinking of changing career, setting up your own business or relocating to another country.

Alternatively, if you'd rather avoid worksheets and your preference is fully for speaking, you can work with me through 5-session or 10-session blocks to be taken weekly or bi-weekly, up to 1 hour each.

If the above resonates with you, but you have no experience working via Skype, you can download it easily here: more info on how to use it is available here:

If you are still hesitating, why not ask yourself these questions?

  • Who of all the people in my life will benefit most from personal coaching I will get?
  • What is it that I really want to improve and how much longer can I wait to work on it?
  • What needs my attention most, what is it that I have been avoiding tackling because of ...?
  • What could I attempt to tackle and solve first if I had friendly support from a coach who would support me along the way?

And last but not least, WHAT is your GUT FEELING saying to you NOW? Follow it.

If your gut feeling tells you I CAN support you, then I believe in it -  - please use the contact form on this page to book your free consultation or use the tailor-made form here.