The 90-day Better Communication and Deep Dive Personal Transformation Coaching and Training Program took me steadily through a series of worksheets which tackled various points I have chosen, and were well balanced between work issues and life issues (which were probably all the same issues anyway!) and brought me a point of self-awareness.  The coaching sessions brought me to an awareness and acknowledgment of the feelings I was unable to communicate. Once I was able to acknowledge these feelings then I was able to do something about them.

Kasia has given me some great tools and references to use. The acknowledgement of fear and which was previously overbearing in all my communication, in particular to issues at work, was a huge realisation. (...) It’s made me realise the things that I am good at and made me realise that it’s ok to have needs and now I have found a way of communicating them! And the best things is, it’s working!

If I were to recommend the coaching to anyone I would say that… Over the course of the 3 months, I found that it has brought back a strength and self-confidence that I thought I had lost.


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